Why Covilhã?

Discover an open-air museum...

Located in the interior of Portugal, Covilhã is a mountain town with solid foundations based on tradition and modernity, in the wool industry, knowledge, innovation and leisure.

Its narrow streets offer and tell the story of Pêro da Covilhã, diplomat and fundamental explorer in the discovery of the sea route to India, of the great Jewish Community that once settled here, of the thriving wool industry that earned it the epitome of “Portuguese Manchester”, also presenting one of the widest and most diversified collections of urban art in the world.

Always with the Serra da Estrela as a backdrop, outside the city, the towns and villages dazzle by the landscapes and unique experiences that the natural heritage of this municipality provides, combined with the quality of hotels, restaurants, cultural and sports facilities.

Dynamic, cosmopolitan and open to the world, Covilhã welcomes all who visit it with open arms.