About us

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Portugal has consistently broken all records with regard to the number of tourists who decide to visit our country, as well as the revenues generated by the sector. In recent years, the solid growth registered by the number of international arrivals, has contributed to the consolidated reputation in the international markets.

The Municipality of Covilhã, which integrates the Tourism Entity and the Regional Tourism Promotion Agency of the Center of Portugal, consciously recognizes the need to reformulate and stimulate the development of the economic potential of tourism in the County.

To this end, it decided to initiate an initiative that will allow the promotion and tourist information on the whole offer that the municipality of Covilhã has to be made autonomously and with greater agility and proximity to the players: economic agents, tourists and visitors who elect us as a destination.

The Brand

The Visit Covilhã brand is an initiative to promote tourism in the Municipality of Covilhã, developed through ICOVI, with the aim of boosting the economic sector of Tourism throughout the municipality.


In its genesis, it intends to reflect on:

• the geographical location of proximity to the largest mountainous area in Portugal, Serra da Estrela.
• the secular tradition of industrial and technological development.
• the geographic centrality and modernity of the excellent road connections in the national and international territory.

It is in this context that the planning and development of the county's tourism offer is based, reflecting the heritage of the past and projecting the future with prosperity, with economic growth and social development, in a framework reflected in sustainability and responsibility.


Aggregate the tourist offer of Covilhã:

• Accommodation
• Gastronomy, Restaurants and similar
• Attractions
• Events
• Animation
• Crafts
• Transportation

Promote Cross Selling between tourism and other sectors of the economy, namely traditional trade and cultural agents;
Promote mobility;
Promote social, economic and environmental responsibility;


• Orientation to the tourist market promoting information, innovation, quality and development;
• Recognition of the county's cultural heritage, its heritage, its traditions, uses and customs that define its endogenous matrix.
• Respect for private initiative.
• Sustainability of your actions.


• To be the aggregating brand of the entire tourism industry in the municipality of Covilhã
• Be able to reflect and respond to the information and dissemination needs of the tourist and commercial offer in the municipality of Covilhã
• Convey these objectives in an appropriate manner and in line with the needs of economic agents, tourists and visitors to the municipality.

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