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“After all, the best way to travel is to feel.” (Álvaro de Campos)

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If you like walking, and contact with nature, on this website, you will have the opportunity to find, some of the necessary information, for the initiation and practice of this activity. Here you can find out what Walks, trekking, Hiking and a little of its history are. We will also indicate the material and equipment necessary for your practice. We also advise some places, where you can practice these activities. We also remember that for the practice of sports in nature, it is necessary to take into account that there are some rules, as we suggest, some recommendations.


Known by many as walking, hiking or trekking, it is an activity practiced outdoors, and at the same time, a sport of nature, neither competitive nor aggressive. It is a modality that can and should be practiced in groups, in family, and by people of all ages. To practice, it does not require sophisticated equipment or technical material. It does not require knowledge of cartography or orientation, if you practice in a group accompanied by a guide, knowledgeable of the area, where this activity takes place. It is very advisable, as it is a good depressant to combat the daily stress of today’s society, and at the same time it makes it possible to stay active and healthy. Walking, also contributes to the knowledge and awareness of the environment, promoting and at the same time the protection and defense of Nature. It stimulates the observation and interest in places, our historical heritage, the natural and rural environment through the observation of fauna and flora. It fosters friendship and cultural knowledge, through its people, customs and traditions.

Care and advice

Where to practice

To practice this activity, you only have to travel with a few more friends or family to natural areas or rural areas, or participate in events of this nature that take place all year round in the PNSE, Serra da Estrela, just have to be attentive to the Media , or search the Internet, for activities of this type, such as (Pedestrian Walks, Walks, Pedestrian Paths or Hiker).

So that you don’t get discouraged, here are some places where you can practice this activity.