Serra da Estrela

Let me discover you, anonymous landscape, (...) That I can't, landscape, wait any longer! (Miguel Torga)

The mountain, now known as Estrela, the Romans gave it “Herminius mons”, Montes Hermínios, formed in the middle of the country by a mountain range, dominates Portugal, covers the highest point of the continental territory with its 1993 meters which make it the largest mountainous area in the national territory.

The Serra da Estrela, a landscape area integrated in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, with its own characteristics, is magnetic, made of dense forests, capricious rocks, with wide mirrors of water from its 25 lagoons and torn by great rivers that like Alva, Mondego and Zêzere are born.

The nobility of the landscapes of the Serra da Estrela, which competes with the tranquility of the lagoons, with the genuinely pure air, allows the practice of various sports both in winter and in summer, the mountain gastronomic offer and its handicrafts make this region a tourist destination excellence, increasingly sought after.

The varied and vast region perfectly integrates the granite hardness and the beauty of shale, present in its granite or schist landscapes and villages. The cold currents of the springs of the various rivers, which flow through the glacial valleys are a natural shelter for the fauna and flora exclusive to this mountain, such as the sociable Cão da Serra da Estrela, with large size, but of great beauty, and noble feelings.

The Serra da Estrela is a natural and cultural heritage, which can be discovered at any time of the year.

Thinking about Serra da Estrela means thinking about snow, winter sports, cold days spent skiing and evenings in front of the fireplace, however, the geographic characteristics of this region go further, other activities such as walking paths, hiking trails Mountain biking, climbing and paragliding have increasingly gained a relevant role due to the ease of being able to perform at any time of the year. The mountain is a real adventure when exploring its glacial valleys, lagoons, waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes, from Covão dos Conchos to Lagoa Comprida, Poço da Broca, Zêzere Glacier Valley, or the Varanda dos Pastores where you can enjoy the greatness of the Alforfa Glacier Valley and many other places.

However, the discovery of the beauty of the region also includes mountain cuisine, strongly linked to agricultural habits and the close connection of its people to nature. If, the Serra da Estrela cheese presents itself as the “king” of any mountain table, as well as the cottage cheese and tasty sausages such as the artisanal sausages, black pudding and chorizo from the region, accompanied by the delicious dark rye bread, texture , unforgettable aroma and flavor, the kid is the emperor of the table, roasted in the oven with onions, salt, olive oil, pepper, nutmeg, washed down with any of the excellent wines produced in the region. So to miss a meal of such a quality when visiting the Serra will certainly be a huge sin.

As Aquilino Ribeiro wrote, “Serra da Estrela is a personality”.