PR18 CVL – “Saltipilha” Route

PR18 CVL – Saltipilha Route

The proposed route largely runs along what was once a railway track for carts, designed to transport geological material extracted from different galleries, to the washhouses.

A few hundred meters away, at the end of the 19th century, the discovery of the Panasqueira tungsten deposits and the subsequent creation of Couto Mineiro da Panasqueira took place. Since that date, and until today, mining has been a constant activity, which means that many generations have followed one another in mining work. In many local families, the current miners are the children and grandchildren of miners. More than a century of these experiences, despite having known different cycles of expansion and contraction, had the capacity to create a unique history and social reality.

The permanence of a population that numbered thousands of inhabitants, in such an isolated area, led to the development of a strong associative and community spirit, at a sporting, cultural and recreational level. There are still material testimonies of this reality on the ground, such as the working-class neighborhoods, the swimming pool and the cinema.

TYPE OF ROUTE: linear| APPROXIMATE EXTENSION: 3,9 Km | DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL POINT: S.Jorge da Beira – Minas da Panasqueira