Urban Mobility

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Urban Transport

In order to respond to mobility needs, this service aims to articulate the proximity movements of neighborhood populations, with the public transport system, in order to facilitate travel for all citizens within the neighborhoods and between the neighborhood and the center in the city, the Hospital, the different University Centers and other places in the city.

Município da Covilhã:


For those who visit the city without their own car, the best solution to get from one place to another may be to resort to a taxi.
The tourist or traveler has several places where you can take a taxi:
• In the city center
• Largo da Estação
• Next to the Hospital da Cova da Beira
• Next to the Court
• Central de camionagem

: - Telefone: +351 275 323 653

Pedestrian Bridge of Carpinteira

The bridge over the Ribeira da Carpinteira is one of the largest pedestrian bridges in Portugal: 52m high (like a 17-story building), The sinuous and segmented design of the bridge erupts over the valley, at a distance of about 220m in length and 4.40m wide. This bridge, designed for hiking and cycling, was built over the Carpinteira valley and the granite hills of the river flow, flanked by the facades of empty factories and granites terraces of Râmolas de Sol, old wool drying areas that, by The height of the bridge today provides better observation. The tense geometry of his design also interferes with the visual orientation and the perception of the dominant heights of Serra da Estrela, on the one hand, and the vastness of Cova da Beira, on the other hand. It is therefore considered as one of the most impressive pedestrian bridges in Portugal. Its construction also allowed, together with the garden elevators, to unite the traditional worker neighborhood of Penedos Altos with the Municipal Garden in the city center, while reducing the old route by about 30 minutes.

Municipality of Covilhã: - Phone: +351 275 300 600

Garden Elevators

These two elevators built on levels complete the feature between Penedos Altos and Jardim by the Pedestrian Bridge.
In order for them to go up from Rua Marquês d´Ávila and Bolama to the Municipal Garden, they have to do it in two stages. These elevators, with glass fronts, allow a spectacular view over the mountain and over the Carpinteira stream.

Municipality of Covilhã: - Phone: +351 275 330 600

Santo André Elevator

One of the main objectives was to facilitate pedestrian access from the UBI area to the old part of the city. Allow, for free, to cover the 90 meters and 162 steps of the Stairs of Stº André, which separate Rua Marquês d´Ávila and Bolama, the main artery that crosses the entire city, from the Municipal Square leaning against the old city walls.

Municipality of Covilhã: - Phone: +351 275 330 600

Goldra Elevator

To complete mobility, Goldra's elevator can also be used by anyone wishing to travel to the Central Library or Polo I of the University of Beira Interior, at Rua Marquês D´Ávila e Bolama, parking their vehicles in the free parking area of the Goldra Park.

Municipality of Covilhã: - Phone: +351 275 330 600

São João Funicular

Another important means of free travel is part of the city's mobility plan, the São João Funicular, which, in addition to providing a splendid view over part of Cova da Beira, also brings together the area of another traditional neighborhood in Covilhã, Bairro do Rodrigo at the Largo de São João de Malta.

Municipality of Covilhã: - Phone: +351 275 330 600