PNSE - Serra da Estrela

This is the place where a building, located at the top of the immense mountain range, symbolizes the highest point in mainland Portugal. Raised to 1993 meters, we find this 7 meter tower that allegedly completes the 2000 meters high of Serra da Estrela.

From this tremendous viewpoint, a brutal panorama is obtained over this whole landscape of valleys and rocks, in a mixture of shale and granite snaked by the blue of the water courses. In summer, on clear days, you can even see the sea, and the view can reach the beach of Figueira da Foz. However, those who come to the Torre in the winter months expect mainly snow, lots of snow. This is the real reason why every year a large number of tourists cross the steep and winding mountain roads to get here.

Some tourist spots are installed in the Torre building at the disposal of those who visit this splendid location. We talk about stores that offer regional products, such as the famous Queijo da Serra, honey, bread, sausages and varied handicrafts.

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