Quinta do Favacal

Agro- Turismo - Casegas

General information

At Quinta do Favacal, with around 50 hectares, which allows pedestrian paths or bicycle rides between trails and several springs where there are many species of fauna and flora typical of the mountain region.
At Quinta you can actively participate in agricultural activities, have picnics, mycological routes, birdwatching, among other activities.

The Quinta also has an on-site restaurant and excellent barbecue facilities. Guests can enjoy a terrace for sunbathing. It also has free Wi-Fi.

Quinta do Favacal, due to its natural and unique surroundings, allows total relaxation for those looking for it.

Quinta do Favacal, is located in the south of Serra da Estrela in Casegas, 19 km from Covilhã.

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