Museum of Sacred Art

Av. Frei Heitor Pinto 9, 6200-176 Covilhã

Opening Hours

  • Tuesdays to Sundays: 14:00 – 18:00
  • Closed: Monday

General information


The Museum of Sacred Art, is a partnership between the City Council and the Arciprestado da Covilhã, which allowed to return pieces of religious worship to the city.

It served as a residence for Maria José Alçada, who offered it to the city, provided that cultural services operate there. The building designed by Raul Lino, a well-known architect, founder of Academia Nacional de Belas Artes , also responsible for works such as the Hotel Tivoli in Lisbon, Casa do Cipreste , at Sintra among others.

This museum with architectural features from the beginning of the century XX represents the Portuguese tradition of the time.

With an exhibition area of 850m 2 it is possible to find collections of painting, sculpture, metals, jewelery and paramentaria. In its estate there are several pieces related to the history of the city, such as the Reliquário do Santo Lenho or the image of Cristo Deposto offered in the 16th century by João Fernandes Alvares Cabral to the Convent of S. Francisco. Also noteworthy in the exhibition are unique pieces such as the image of Nossa Senhora das Almas or the Child Jesus da Cartolinha.

In addition to the permanent exhibition rooms, it has a room and outdoor patios where various temporary exhibitions are held throughout the year.

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