Covão dos Conchos

PNSE - Serra da Estrela

Covão dos Conchos became famous when earlier this year a series of films recorded with a drone showed the waters of the lagoon falling into a giant funnel and disappearing mysteriously…

Now the funnel is nothing more than a tunnel built in the ’50s and that takes the waters collected from Ribeira das Naves and leads them to Lagoa Comprida, far below. The tunnel is 48 m long and 1519 meters long.

After the “discovery” of the Conchos funnel with the publication of a video presenting images of great beauty of that hole sucking the water from the lagoon, as if it were something new and that had not been there for six decades. As curiosity attracts crowds, the route from Lagoa Comprida to the dam is followed by many people who want to see up close what is almost the ninth wonder of the world.

And the truth is that that place is beautiful and well worth visiting, but it is not the only one. The whole mountain is wonderful and to appreciate all its beauty there is nothing like abandoning the main roads, leaving the comfort of the car and getting into the mountains on foot through the trails and paths existing in the mountains. Access to Covão dos Conchos is done on foot by a road that starts from Lagoa Comprida and alternates between reasonable and difficult, with many loose stones that hinder walking. It is about 5 kilometers, but fresh air and reasons for interest abound there…

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