Covão da Ametade

PNSE - Serra da Estrela

Covão da Ametade is a paradisiacal setting full of bucolic and poetic sentiment, one of the most symbolic and beautiful places in Serra da Estrela. It is located at the beginning of the Zêzere Glacier Valley. It is a poorly drained depression located in a glacial cove downstream from the summit cove. Currently, it is in Covão da Ametade that the Zêzere River takes shape, in the small plain originating in glacial sediments that was previously a lagoon with the same origin. It is a very attractive area due to the surrounding vegetation mostly composed of birch trees, a plant that has the particularity of creating an ecosystem with a great biodiversity. Although the place is at a quota close to 1500 meters of altitude, it is just not accessible on the most severe winter days when the roads do not allow passage due to snowfall. This place is sought after by winter and mountain sportsmen who choose to start their hikes and climbs in the area along the caves and rock formations that end next to the Cântaro Magro.

The Zêzere River begins to take shape in Covão d´Ametade, where it strolls with superb vanity, as if preparing to thicken the flow of its crystalline waters along the Zêzere Glacier valley, to later deposit them, with all its strength, on the Tagus River.

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